Interview Process

Dr Kaul Starts each student from scratch and then assesses when they have reached a level where they can feel confident in expressing themselves. She then involves them in an interactive group session once a week. once they become comfortable in group sessions she believes that the time is right for the big mock interview. Students attend mock interviews held by specialized interview tutors. Each student is then coached according to the interview offer they have received from a particular medical or dental school. Thus the journey with SKM is completed, but does not end - SKM continues to support them in their life and they continue to offer their advice to the new students, fostering the family that is SKM

MMI circuit weekend course    This is offered online and offline in lancaster.
MMI Regular Teaching    Is conducted online on a daily basis.
Panel interview weekend course    Offered online and offline.
Panel interview Regular Teaching     Offered online and offline.
Australian Medical interview 1-1     Offered offline.
Pharmacy 1-1    Offered online / offline.
Dental Hygiene and Therapy 1-1    Offered online / offline.
Interview courses for medical graduates    Offered online / offline.
Interview courses for dentistry graduates    Offered online / offline.